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Before incorporating in October of 2000, the company had a modest beginning in a renovated spare bedroom that became an office and graphics studio. Originally, the company began as a Website Design and Video Production house, but, with the advent of high speed internet the founding partners foresaw a new “on-demand” market that would necessitate the need for a strong Programming department. Their challenge was to make products that were user friendly and easily accessible. Since that forecast, Panacore has actualized a cutting edge Programming division with a single directive; Apply tomorrow’s technology and interactive media to the real world. To accomplish this requires that our Consultants maintain focus, dedication and an immersive understanding of the client’s message, needs and environment.

“The core practice of our Consultants is listening.”
- Perry Berryhill, Exec. Producer, Panacore Corp.

The Consultant then selects a specialized Coordinator, who based on their skills and experience, will be best suited to oversee the project. The Coordinator will assemble a diverse team of creative and technical specialists who work to produce a sound foundation to support the clients’ unique architecture. This technique lays the cornerstones for scalable solution platforms.

The company now produces:
>> High volume e-commerce and inventory management systems for The United States Marine Corp Heritage Foundation, Quantico VA (

Web based 3D visualization software for the Medical industry, EuPraxia Exercise Therapy Software (

A network television affiliate website –

Interactive training for the petroleum industry, PetroVox Learning Systems
Since the deployment of these Applications a new division has arose to provide service and support for their expanding user groups –

It may sound like the genesis of a California based IT company, however, the company discovered its founding members and roots in West Texas. The average age at Panacore is 26 and as a young company they have pursued many creative and philanthropic ambitions. In April of 2003, they managed to help book and promote Willie Nelson for a special concert held in a renovated horse stable and honky-tonk in Odessa Texas. And recently, they have become active with a local film festival – The Desert Reel - currently working on the final edit of an independent film with rock legend Joe King Carrasco (slated for release in mid 2004). Their charitable efforts include; helping raise money and provide services for organizations such as, Leukemia Lymphoma, Harmony Home Children’s Advocacy Center and local Police & Firemen associations.



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